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Sta-Clean Condensate Drain Pan Treatment - EPA Registered

Kills Mold, Algae Fungus, Legionella

Keeps Condensate Drain Lines Wide Open

EPA registered, water activated, timed release control of microbial contaminants in condensate drains. Kills mold, algae, fungus and other micro-organisms - even Legionella bacteria!

SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Place appropriate sized strip in wetted area furthest from condensate drain opening. Lasts for months, reduces foul odors, drain stoppages, corrosion and promotes system hygiene.

Available in six different sizes.  Product is packaged individually

STA-CLEAN strips are for use in drain pans of many cooling units such as air conditioners, refrigeration and dehumidifiers. Use STA-CLEAN strips in any unit where standing water could begin to “grow” microbial, mold, slime, algae, bacteria or viruses. Continuous use will prevent foul odors and drain line clogging caused by the build up of micro-organisms and other undesirables.

The unique water activated time released design of this product fulfills the need of providing a foolproof automatic feed system for up to six months. This product is specifically designed to treat the standing water for the period of time between service and maintenance visits (max 6 months). The actives (50% of product by weight) include: an EPA registered biocide, corrosion inhibitor, surfactants, and odor counteractants. The product releases only in the presence of water and only metered amounts of actives.


The unique entrapment system does not shrink or melt and stays where placed in the pan. One of the desirable characteristics of this product is the initial shock dose, which occurs during the first 48 hours, the product then settles down and controls "trickles" for the remainder of product life.

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The condensate drain line pan will remain clean and free-flowing, thus preventing the spread of mold, mildew, and other downstream spores.