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Slime-Away Sticky Tabs Condensate Drain Pan Treatment (Yellow & Blue GelTabs)

Slime Away Tabs Adhere to the Condensate Drain Pan

Slime-Away Sticky Tabs are a long lasting treatment (6 months), for keeping condensate drain pans & lines free of accumulations, commonly found in air A/C condensate drain pans.Regular use of Slime-Away Sticky Tabs will help to prevent drain pan overflows and musty, foul odors in air conditioning systems.

  • Gels when wet, to lock in place, so it can't clog the drain

  • Slow, timed release - one tablet can last the entire cooling season

  • Completely dissolves - nothing to retrieve from unit

Technical Report


Place in condensate pan as far from the drain as possible but where condensation will hit the Slime-Away Sticky Tab.  After becoming wet for several minutes the Slime-Away will stick into place and go to work keeping the condensate pan and drain line clean, clear and smelling fresh.

Yellow  - 30 Geltabs/Case - Blue  - 12 Geltabs/Case

Keeps condensate drain pans and drain lines free of accumulations, commonly found in HVAC condensate drain pans. Gels when wet, lock in place