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Safe on Most Plastics, Including Lexan

SC-100 works extremely well on all hard surfaces, such as lexan, glass, brick, stone, brass, chrome, marble, tile, etc. SC-100 also removes paint, ink, tar, and marking pen from vinyl seats. Use on buses, trains, bridges, road signs, walls, etc. Excellent for use in removing scuff marks from racquetball court walls and hockey puck stains on Plexiglas. SC-350 is a thick, clinging gel that provides extended surface contact cleaning time. Cuts quickly through stubborn vandal marks without running. Effective on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Works great on wood, porcelain, concrete, steel, aluminum, brass, cement and tile. Removes ink marks, crayon markings, road tar, scuff marks and pencil markings. 

SC-100 is a USDA authorized extra heavy duty cleaner which will remove all types of ink without damaging surfaces. Unique gel base stays in place to clean vertical and irregular shapes.

Removes adhesive markings quickly.

• Gel formula adheres to vertical surfaces for longer contact time

• This versatile product removes lipstick, ink, paints, crayon, wax, pencil marks and scotch tape marks

  • Removes hockey puck stains on boards and Plexiglas in ice rinks.
  • Safely cleans lexan windows in buses (1-2-3)


SC-100 is extremely effective in removing ink, marker, spray paint, tar and other types of graffiti from all hard surfaces, specifically brick, cinder block, glass, vinyl upholstery, brass, chrome, ceramic tile, marble, etc. Safe on many plastics. May also be used to remove scuff and heel marks from floors and walls.

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