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RAPID SEAL “A” is a portable, easy to use, thick aerosol roof patch and repair that stays flexible. RAPID PATCH is an extremely durable sealer and coating that will not sag or drip in summer heat or crack or peel in cold weather. RAPID SEAL “A” will not crack, freeze or peel which makes it the perfect solution for down spouts, gutters, flashings, recreational vehicles and roof repairs. This state of the art product eliminates the need for hauling bulky pails to the roof for small jobs. Now, you can just grab a can. RAPID SEAL “A” seals out rust and corrosion in condensate drain pans, gutters, etc. RAPID SEAL “A” is effective on asphalt, composition, tile, slate, felt, wood & metal roofing materials. Great for asphalt and fiberglass shingles, built-up tar and gravel, 1 ply rubberized and granulated roofs. This state of the art product may also be used on cracked and leaking sinks. To repair sinks simply spray the underside of the sink, p-traps, drain pipes J-bends and save money on expensive parts.


  • Can be used on wet surfaces
  • Seals Out the Elements
  • Effective on Asphalt, Composition, Tile, Slate, Felt, Wood and Metal Roofing Materials
  • Easy spray application
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