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PG-5000 Asphalt Release Agent (5-Gallons - 55 Gallons)


Specially-formulated asphalt release agent with superior slipping characteristics. It is the first non-petroleum, biodegradable asphalt release agent that works as well as diesel fuel! Made from soybean oil produced by American farmers, this environmentally-friendly release agent is completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

PG-5000 is designed to provide better release for all high-asphalt content mixes. PG-5000 is a stable blend of biodegradable soy oil , along with emulsifiers. When mixed with water, the resultant mixture leaves an extremely slippery film on the surfaces, which prevents the hot asphalt from adhering tightly to the metallic surfaces.

  • Prevents asphalt mixes and cement from sticking to truck beds, forms, tools, drag slats, steel rollers, pavers, and patching machines. 
  • PG-5000's unique soybean formulation = very low evaporation = equals high performance and longer lubrication
  • Ready to use or dilutable (10:1
  • Safe to personnel and equipment
  • For truck beds and tailgates
  • Use to degrease shovels and equipment
  • Specific Purpose Asphalt Release Agent for Municipal & Public Works Departments
  • Designed to provide clean rapid and easy separation of bituminous (asphalt) materials from beds of dump trucks and haul trucks.
  • Designed to adhere to vertical surfaces such as truck boxes, tailgates, drag slats, pavers

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