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Permashield 200 2K Water Based Aliphatic Polyurethane Sealant

PERMASHIELD 200 is the most advanced two-component water-based aliphatic polyurethane on the market. The unique high performance structure exhibits outstanding film hardness and excellent resistance against  abrasions, chemicals, stains, direct/reverse impacts and ultraviolet light.

  • Universally Compliant, Environmentally Friendly, Low VOC

  • HAPS Free (Hazardous Air Pollutants), No Fumes

  • Suitable for USDA Inspected Facilities

  •  Top Tier Chemical, Solvent, Water, Oil and Graffiti Resistance

  • Outstanding Hardness, Durability and Abrasion Resistance

  • Top Tier Cleanability and Stain Resistance

  • Resistant to Hot Tire Pick-Up

  • Flash Rust Inhibitive formula for DTM Environments

  •  Creates a Top Tier Dry Erase Environment When Applied to a Surface

  • High Solids, Versatile General Maintenance Coating

  • Available in High Gloss 90°, Matte 5°, Clear or Colors
  • When the surface temperature is between 50-70°F, PERMASHIELD 200 can be accelerated for same day return to service.

PERMASHIELD 200 can be applied to interior, exterior, vertical or horizontal, concrete, masonry, stucco, wood, vinyl-composite tile (VCT), and prepared ferrous and non ferrous metals, etc. It can be used as an industrial or residential coating for: commercial buildings, convention centers, stadiums, hospitals, warehouse floors, garages, universities, airports, shopping centers, schools, food processing plants, transportation, government facilities, etc. 

PERMASHIELD 200 is urine resistant for use in pet & dog kennels.

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PERMASHIELD 200 can be applied directly to cleaned and properly prepared coatings like water based acrylics, epoxies and urethanes. Abrade and clean the previous paint to provide tooth for the new coating.
In all applications, we require conducting a test patch to ensure proper compatibility, adhesion and appearance. All surfaces must be tested before doing the entire project. Prime with MONOCHEM 21 if there are adhesion issues with PERMASHIELD 200.


MONOCHEM 21: Ideal for non-porous surfaces and coating over water/oil/solvent/alkyd/unknown based coatings. MONOBOND: Ideal for coating over single component water based coatings and most smoother surfaces.
AQUAPRIME: For surfaces containing a pH of 8-16. MONOBOND RI: For surfaces requiring a rust inhibitive primer.


Available in Clear Matte Finish, Clear Gloss, an assortment of colors, including Custom Colors

2K - 2.5:1 Mix Ratio