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Monochem 21 -100% Solids Epoxy Primer - Available in Clear or Tinted

Two-Part, 100% Solids, “Stick-To-Anything” Epoxy Primer/Topcoat. High gloss and available in clear, 20 standard colors, and any custom match

MONOCHEM 21 is a 2-component, 100% solids, high-build, liquid applied, Polyamine, Cyclo-Aliphatic Epoxy. MONOCHEM 21 is available in high gloss, clear, standard colors and can be mixed with decorative chips, color micas, or silica sand. It is designed as a high performance primer, base coat or interior top coat

MONOCHEM 21 can be used as an epoxy primer with all the MONOCHEM decking systems. MONOCHEM 21 can be pigmented to any color or used in combination with color quartz, paint chips, micas or light aggregates. It may also be used over almost all water, oil, solvent, alkyd base, coatings or stains. MONOCHEM 21 is also ideal for top-coating unknown coatings, glazed, sealed and very smooth non-porous surfaces.

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 MONOCHEM 21 can be applied on concrete, prepared metal (non ferrous), wood, glass, reinforced plastics, polyurethane elastomeric coatings, glazed surfaces and many other nonporous substrates maximizing the adhesion between the substrate and top coat.


It is also a very durable coating that is recommended for protecting and dust-proofing interior concrete floors in warehouses, manufacturing plants, residential/industrial garages, mechanical rooms and commercial kitchens where seamless, chemically resistant floors are desired.

  • GREEN & Universally Compliant & USDA Approved

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Available in Small Kit (96 oz.) & Large Kit (3-Gallons)