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Moisture Vapor Barrier - Available in 1-Gallon Kits & 3-Gallon Kits

2-Part, 100% Solids, Moisture & pH Barrier

MOISTURE VAPOR BARRIER is a two component, 100% solids, solvent-free epoxy primer designed for superior moisture vapor transmission control. It is capable of reducing the hydrostatic pressure emitted by concrete from 15 lbs./1000 square feet to less than 1 lb.( <0.05perms). 

MOISTURE VAPOR BARRIER can eliminate the risk of coating failure due to high moisture vapor emissions. It is suitable for concrete and a variety of floor coverings such as vinyl, tiles, sheeting, carpet, hardwood, and as a primer for urethanes, epoxies and traffic membranes. It is an ideal primer for damp areas, high moisture emitting surfaces and for below grade applications.

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