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Miracle Bond Repair Epoxy (24 x 9 oz. per Case)

Miracle Bond 2 component 100% solids high aspect ceramic-blend epoxy. It is a solvent free, high modulus, moisture insensitive, non-sag epoxy system. MIRACLE BOND is ideal for bonding almost any material together; repairing holes, spalls, and cracks in concrete; repairing rotted wood; installing and repairing anchor bolts or hand rails; and as a high strength structural adhesive. MIRACLE BOND can be used in concrete, hollow block, brick, stone, and wood. It is ideal for use in a wide range of temperatures from 40° F. to 110° F. MIRACLE BOND is an excellent choice where a high strength adhesive with maximum field reliability is desired.

High strength bonding agent for materials including concrete brick wood stone and block Non-sag patching

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