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Malodor Neutralizer Dry Air Freshener (12 aerosol cans/case)

Most Effective Odor Control Treatment

Dry Air Freshener

Keeps Every Room Fresh & Fragrant

Neutralizes Food Odors

Neutralizes Tobacco Odors

Deodorizes Air & Fabric: Spray on drapery, carpeting, sofas, daybeds

Keeps Every Room Fresh and Fragrant

Great for Lunch Rooms & Food Service Establishments


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For Use in Bathrooms, sick rooms, smoke filled rooms, offices - anywhere that odor is a problem:

  • Does Not Just Cover Up Odors

  • Eliminates Offensive Odors!

  • Eliminates Tobacco and Other Malodors

  • No Wet Fallout

  • No Residue or Staining

This malodorant, deodorizer and air freshener is specially formulated to eliminate offensive odors while in the air. Does not just cover-up odors. This fast-acting deodorizer eliminates stale tobacco, mildew  and other malodors in the air. Use in bathrooms, sick rooms, basements, smoke filled rooms, offices—anywhere that odor is a problem. Keeps every room fresh and fragrant.