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KO-2015 Graffiti Remover Vandal Mark Remover - Removes Paints, Inks & Markers

KO-2015 is specially formulated to remove graffiti from most porous & non-porous surfaces.

Quickly removes spray paints, inks and much more... 

KO-2015 Graffiti Remover is the latest innovation in combating Graffiti

KO-2015 Graffiti Remover is a specially formulated product that will remove graffiti from most porous and non-porous surfaces. KO-2015 will remove spray paint, permanent markers, crayons, and inks. This product meets California Consumer Product VOC requirements (VOC =30%)

For use on porous and non-porous surfaces: concrete, masonry and stone. Removes paint, crayon, marking inks and grease.

Graffiti remover quickly removes paint and graffiti from non-porous surfaces


Graffiti Remover should be applied full strength to the surface using a pump sprayer or brush. Allow a 1-2 minute contact time, then wipe clean with a clean cloth. If the surface needs additional attention, repeat the procedure. On masonry, porous surfaces, or aged graffiti it may be necessary to scrub the surface with a soft bristle brush. Graffiti Remover has been tested on most surfaces without damaging effects, however a small trial application is recommended to insure compatibility with the surface being cleaned.

    • Powerful cleaning formula removes tough graffiti, including enamel
    • Works on porous surfaces
    • Works in less than 5 minutes time
    • Use on Concrete, Masonry and Stone
    • Does not contain any acetate or methylene
    • Biodegradable formula

Use on a Variety of Hard and Porous Surfaces including:

  • Bathroom Partitions   ♦   Bus Stops & Seats   ♦   Trains
  • Aluminum Siding   ♦   Billboards   ♦   Road Signs   
  • Stainless Steel and Brick Walls   ♦   Aluminum Siding
  • Lockers   ♦   Concrete   ♦   Glass 

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