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Industrial Drain & Sewer Compound

KLEAR OUT GX is a granular, caustic-type drain/sewer solvent for industry, street departments, or facilities with major drain problems. When activated by water this product will generate high heat, emulsify grease, emulsify oil, attack roots and digest hair & paper.

This highly effective compound provides deep penetration, is non-corroding, will attack hardened detergents and contains a highly visible tracing color.

Klear Out GX not only attains boiling temperature quickly, but it also holds its temperature long enough to completely dissolve the blockage. Super action powered beads go directly to the point of stoppage, liquefying and clearing fats, grease, sludge, food residue, hair, coffee grounds and other organic matter. There is no dilution by standing water as with liquids. And it does this without harming pipes and septic tanks.


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  • Stops sewage odor & overflow
  • Opens sewer lines fast
  • Dissolves grease, fats, sludge, carbohydrate waste, paper, protein
  • Dissolves tree roots