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Floorcoat Elastomeric Garage & Driveway Coating

One-Part High Performance Driveway and Garage Low Gloss Coating. Elastomeric coating designed for application over concrete, masonry, wood, asphalt and magnesite surfaces

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Maintenance: TSP & Re-Apply
  • Durable & Excellent Weather Resistance
  • Hot Tire and UV Resistant
  • Elastomeric

Floorcoat is a high performance garage and driveway coating that forms a very durable low-gloss finish. With proven resistance to transmission fluid, brake fluid, oil, grease, gasoline and water, it protects concrete surfaces from various chemicals commonly found on garage and auto body shop floors.

It is designed for application over interior and exterior, painted or bare (porous) properly prepared concrete, masonry, wood, asphalt, and magnesite surfaces. 

• Excellent Wearability          • UV Resistant      • Chemically Resistant     

• Easy Maintenance    • Abrasive Resistant           • Resistant to Hot Tire Pick-Up                                                    • Clear and Colors

PACKAGING: Floorcoat is packaged in Clear Base and White Base: 1 Gallon Cans or 5-Gallon Pails

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ITEM NO. 2400: Floorcoat Smooth Clear Base 

ITEM NO. 2500: Floorcoat Smooth White Base