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F-2002 Uratic Salts Remover - Acid Replacement Cleaner/Descaler (12 per Case)

Safe Cleaner/Descaler for Removal of Uratic Salts

Highly Concentrated - Dilute 1 part F-2002 with:25 parts water

This acid-free, breakthrough product has made acids and acid-based cleaners obsolete for most applications. F-2002 is safe for users and the environment.

Excellent choice to safely remove uratic salts, uric salts and keep the urinal drain lines, salt free.

Use "F-2002" as a mop-on product to achieve slip-resistance, on floors: quarry tile, ceramic, and other surfaces typically found in food service environments. F-2002 increases the Co-Efficient of Friction, to help prevent slips & falls. 

F-2002 is a powerful, yet completely safe cleaner/degreaser/descaler for the effective removal of hard water scale,  soap scum, rust stains, grease, mildew, mold & uratic salts, uric salts. Also, this unique acid replacement cleaner provides an unprecedented level of safety in the workplace for the maintenance crew and surfaces – without compromising performance.

  • Exceptional for cleaning grout and tile surfaces
  • Dilute 1 part with 5 parts water to clean HVAC coils 
  • Open clogged urinals - uratic salts -remover
  • Cleans commercial coffee pots - removes coffee oils and mineral deposits
  • As safe as liquid hand dish detergent to use
  • Highly concentrated - Dilutes with up to 25 parts water

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Our best solution, for the safe removal of uratic salts in urinals. F-2002 is a powerful yet safe multi-functional cleaner that combines the high cleaning performance of an acid with the mildness of liquid dish soap. Non fuming, non-corrosive, non-toxic. Available in quarts - 12 per case.