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Chemex 33 Bio-Enzymatic Grease Trap Cleaner & Drain Maintainer

CHEMEX 33 GTC is a multi-strain liquid bacterial solution specifically formulated to degrade fats oils and greases and other food waste in the demanding environments of drain lines, grease traps and grease interceptors.

  • Designed to rapidly digest fats, oil & grease, as well as proteins & starches

Restaurants, hospitals, schools and other institutions are prohibited from directly discharging grease into the city sewer system and must take precautions to prevent oil and grease from cooking operations entering the sewer lines. Because of the regulations surrounding discharge, grease traps are essential to the operation of many businesses and organizations in a community.

The application-specific bacterial consortium present in this product produces lipase enzymes which target large oil and grease molecules, breaking them down into smaller molecules that are then metabolized by the bacteria to quickly degrade the fat and reduce the risk of blockages. As the lipase enzymes get to work, free fatty acids are released, which reduces the pH, creating a harsh environment for bacteria. The strains in CHEMEX 33 GTC are specially selected to work effectively in lower pH ranges found in grease traps and grease interceptors. They have been shown to break down a wide range of materials found in grease traps and grease interceptors.

  • vegetable, soy, canola and olive oil
  • solid fats such as lard, beef tallow and butter
  • starch, proteins and cellulose


  • optimized application-specific, proprietary bacterial consortium specifically targets and degrades FOG, even as the pH decreases
  • de-emulsifying surfactant promotes separation of water phase from FOG phase increasing efficacy of grease traps and grease interceptors and allowing bacteria to work more effectively
  • proven rapid degradation of soybean, vegetable and olive oils
  • effective bacterial action reduces odors associated with grease traps, interceptors and drain lines within hours of application
  • highly effective Eco-benign TM formulation - product is readily biodegradable
  • product is safe for users and the environment
  • effectively formulated using minimal levels of buffering agent, giving excellent product stability and improved shelf life
  • manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure high quality and purity


    • grease traps and grease interceptors
    • kitchen drain lines
    • wet wells and wastewater piping
    • municipal wastewater plants with grease problems
    • industrial wastewater treatment, especially in the
      food industry
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