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Bio-Blast HCB - Consumes Odors in Fuel Contaminated Water

Bio-Blast™ HCB contains a unique blend of spore-forming bacillus bacterial strains to speed up the digestion of sludge and solids in reclamation pits, while reducing odors. This blend is able to degrade a wide variety of petroleum-based oils and greases, while reducing malodors and sludge, and saves money by reducing costly pump outs.

Ideal for use in Car and Truck Washes, Marine Bilges, Petroleum Contaminated Wastewater. Effective against Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oils, Motor Oil, Crude Oil, and Coal Tar.

Reduces Grey Water Pit Clean Outs.

Extends the Life of Car Wash Brushes 

  • Extends sludge and solids build-up in reclamation pits.
  • Reduces sludge and solids build-up in reclamation pits
  • Reduces odors by digesting malodorous compounds inside pit

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