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Aquaseal Stain for Concrete

Aquaseal Stain - 

Available in Semi-Transparent or Opaque

A durable water-based acrylic emulsion. It creates uniform color toning for all concrete and masonry surfaces. It also maintains the natural look, beauty, and texture of the surface without giving a heavy-painted look. Aquaseal Stain is tintable to any color using universal colorants

Penetrating, Water-Base Acrylic Concrete Stain. Flat finish and available in opaque (solid body) or semi-transparent. Standard colors and color matching are available.

  • GREEN/Universally Compliant
  • Breathable
  • Extremely Easy Maintenance: TSP & Re-Apply
  • Very Durable & Excellent Weather Resistance

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  • Will not peel, chip, or flake like paint.
  • Maintains the natural grain and texture of the surface.
  • Breathable allowing moisture to escape from the surface.
  • Contains no harmful solvents, toxic fumes or ingredients.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not oxidize like paint.

Aquaseal Stain is designed for exterior or interior application over vertical or horizontal, concrete, brick, lightweight concrete, slump and regular block, precast panels, stucco, and porous tiles. For wood applications, please consult our technical department.

BASIC USES: For Porous Substrates Only (120-180 grit surface profile) 

Aquaseal Stain must fully penetrate to perform as intended. If the surface is smooth or not water absorbent; acid etching, sandblasting or shot blasting is required to meet the surface criteria. Smooth surfaces require 2-3 etchings to achieve a 120-180 grit surface profile.