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AG-661 Insect Electrocuter (Zapper) - Suggested for: Marinas, Warehouses, Parking Lots, Stadiums, Outdoor Areas

Gardner AG-661 Insect Electrocutor features a suspended electric grip trap for controlling outdoor flying insects. Gardner AG-661 Insect Electrocutor heavy-duty construction and an extensive attraction range that can be suspended by wall or post brackets off buildings. The Gardner AG-661 Insect Electrocutor has a standard, 80-wall bulb, and an easy-to-clean grid.

Use on: outdoor areas - warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, marinas.

  • Covers about 20,000 cu. ft. (200 linear ft.)

  • Low annual maintenance

  • 80 watts of U.V. insect attraction

  • 3-year limited warranty

  • Must ship via LTL because of dimensions  

    Please refer to the Technical Data.