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Aquaseal W20 Concrete Floor Sealer / FDA & USDA Approved

USDA and FDA-approved concrete floor sealer for use in food processing facilities.

AQUASEAL W20 is a clear water-based, sprayable, penetrating, inorganic silicate-base solution. It is used to cure, harden, seal, and dustproof interior and exterior horizontal concrete (fresh or cured) and terrazzo surfaces. AQUASEAL W20 complies with the Federal and Army Corp Of Engineers specifications for concrete surface treatment. It is also USDA and FDA-approved as a concrete floor sealer in food processing facilities. 

AQUASEAL W20 is recommended for use on unpainted/unsealed new or existing concrete floors, decks, docks, ramps, pavement, and parking structures. New concrete must be 7-14 days old. It is a water-based product that can be applied in areas where solvent-based sealers are hazardous. Typical applications include warehouses, schools, hospitals, breweries, food processing plants, and service storage areas.  

  •  Cures, seals, hardens, and dustproofs. 

  •  Environmentally Friendly.

  •  No solvent vapors while spraying.

  •  Resists the penetration of oil, chemicals, and the deteriorating effects of salt and water.

  •  Hot Tire Resistant

  • Can be tiled over.

  • Produces a breathable abrasion-resistant surface.

  • USDA and FDA approved as a floor sealer in food processing plants.

  • Complies with Federal and Army Corp Of Engineers specifications for concrete surface treatments.

  • 5 Year Warranty for concrete hardening & dustproofing 


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