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Will Vaccines Save us? Discover the process

by Barry Greenberg February 14, 2021 3 min read

Will Vaccines Save us? Discover the process

The Covid 19 virus is novel (new) and our immune systems are not equipped for this invasion. It can take weeks for a healthy body to generate the necessary agents to fight the contagion.  Will vaccines save us.

After a successful recovery from infection, our immune system will recognize this antigen and provide the necessary protection. – That is the T lymphocytes in action - They attack cells in the body that have already been infected. Additionally, the B lymphocytes will then produce antibodies.

As of the end of December 2020 there are two newly approved vaccines, to protect us from Covid 19. These vaccines fall into three distinct segments:

mRNA vaccines contain a minute strand of genetic material, encased in tiny spheres. 

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines utilize this gene-based technology, based on molecular couriers called messenger RNA (mRNA), that are held within lipid particles. 

They provide instructions for our cells to manufacture safe proteins, exclusive to this virus. 

The genetic material from the vaccine are then obliterated by the T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes, that remember how to fight the virus that causes COVID-19. That is immunity!

Of the two vaccines, the Moderna does not require the necessity to require sub-freezing. Both vaccines require two shots, given within 30 days apart.

A vaccine currently in Phase 3 trial by Johnson & Johnson, uses an adenoviral vector, a type of genetically modified virus that induces the body to produce a protein, to which the immune system then reacts. Will vaccines save us. Read on...

The protein prompts our bodies to build T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes, that remember how to fight that virus, if we are infected in the future. 

The AstraZeneca vaccine is also in Phase 3 trials. It is an adenovirus-based vaccine that uses a harmless, modified cold virus to induce an immune response against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

This is a viral vector, like Johnson & Johnson’s classification. Viral vector technology have previously been approved for Ebola and can be produced at lower cost than mRNA. 

Israel is currently testing a vaccine utilizing VSV, a type of virus that does not cause disease in humans. Through genetic engineering, proteins are attached to the vesicular stomatitis virus to form coronavirus “crowns” that are identified by the body as COVID-19. As a result, the body produces antibodies against it.  

Additionally, Novavax Inc. is now the fifth company to reach final stage testing, in the United States. Know that it will require multiple resources to vaccinate the American population.

Experts estimate that herd immunity would require 80-90% of the population to have COVID-19 immunity, either through prior infection or vaccination. 

This herd or community immunity acts as a barrier against the disease, with the immune people breaking the potential chain of transmission, so those vulnerable populations are unlikely to become infected. 

So, how will we return to life after receiving our immunization? – In time, will we feel comfortable to resume dining in restaurants and go to hockey games, in arenas with up to 20,000 in attendance? 

  • How will you feel about airline travel? Will you bring sanitizing wipes for your seats, armrests, seat pockets, and trays? 
  • Once the masks come off, will you be shaking hands like in the past? 
  • Will you sanitize your vehicle when it is returned from service? 

It is naïve to think that we are out of the woods. Even now there is a new mutated variant of coronavirus, found in the UK. This one contains 17 mutations, appears more transmissible and harder to control in terms of spread. Can we be safe indoors? Is this our future? … 

We have learned to be quite efficient in our homes and workplace, with respect to hygiene. Schools, industry, and institutional concerns now employ electrostatic sprayers, air disinfecting equipment and appropriate disinfecting agents, in their ongoing sanitation efforts. It will be critical in upcoming months to enhance and expand these accomplishments. Letting up should not be an option.  

Chemex has trained hundreds of our customers to be accomplished with regard to the use of products that are effective, as well as stipulating the required procedures and protocols. Never has this been more essential.

Many efforts to sanitize or disinfect fail due to “operator error”. Without the appropriate training and tools, there are dire consequences. 

You should be able to certify that your sanitation efforts are in fact, producing their intended results.

We are available to answer your questions regarding best practices for your workplace. Let us know how to help. 

We have attached three links, worthy of your consideration:

1. Chemex Electrostatic Back-Pack Sprayer, 2. DBK - Non-Acid Disinfectant Cleaner,

3. UVairo UV-C Air Scrubber-Air Sanitizer (NEW!)

Thanks for reading, feel free to contact us, for more information

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